Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New sketch for Cardabilities

Here you go ...

Sketch #104 is now up on the Cardabilities blog.

and my own interpretation ... here tis.

Hope you find time to play along with the Cardabilities team and use the sketch.

Don't forget to share with us.

Happy creating everyone.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

When is a canvas not a canvas ...

When the canvas fabric has been ripped off the canvas frame ... quite simple really.

Ta da.

a closer look at half of that frame

and the top of the frame itself 

a little mist, well a whole lot of mist, a little gesso, a little modelling paste and some more mist ...

a flower or two or ten - no idea how many, but a few ...

and again ... in its entirety ...

So what did I do and how did I do it.

Take one canvas and rip away the canvas - a little frustrating when it doesn't come off cleanly though.

Take gesso and liberally apply all over the frame and I mean liberally apply everywhere.


There's not many things worse than waiting on paint or gesso to dry ... so I had to give it a helping hand.

I then painted on Prima Color Bloom purple spray using a paint brush and waited for it to dry and then got bored, so out came the heat gun again.  I applied another coat of the same mist and dried.

I then fossicked around looking for some old Kaisercraft rub ons and applied all over the frame.  Doesn't matter if they don't come off cleanly, it gives it a rather unique look.  I went up one side, turned the frame and came back down the other.

I grabbed a stencil and some modelling paste and applied modelling paste randomly on the frame.  Waited for it to dry and then grabbed another Prima Color Bloom mist and using a smaller paint brush applied the colour here and there ... okay, randomly!!!

I gathered together flowers, muslin and  few trinkets and using the hot glue gun and stuck everything down.

Then finally I grabbed the tub of gesso again and lightly touched gesso here and there.

And there you have it.

Happy creating everyone.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cardabilities - sketch 103

Welcome to Sketch Reveal #103.

The Sketch

and here's my interpretation of the sketch ...


I have to say that I love the way that this card turned out ... 
so much so, you might just see a few more very similar ... soon ... just saying.

And those Maja papers - ooh la la.

Hope you find time to play along with us at Cardabilities using this sketch.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Smile ...

Sometimes when you are creating you forget what you have and have not shared.

Not intentionally, but it does happen.

I needed to tweak this layout a little bit and then it sat and sat and sat and then I forgot to share.

[Using the Flying Unicorn July kit].

a wee close up

and another one, just cos I can ...

Gosh those Authentique papers are stunning.

They are brilliant for holding well when using modelling paste and other mediums.

Danz was in Hawaii last month on holiday.
Brand spanking new photos ... gotta love them.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Black and white and a little pink ...

Yep, that's me ...

and better still, that's me up the Eiffel Tower

Seems like a distant memory now and yet it was only last September.

Forever ago now ...

Using the July monthly kit from Flying Unicorn

gorgeous kit

Let me tell you something.

Alda puts together the. most. amazing. monthly. kits.

Just in case you wanted to see a little closer,

I've got that covered ... lol

and another one ..

Just sharing.
Happy creating everyone.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yes ... one of those fist pump moments ...



Hello Everyone thank you for your patience.  

Here is our new Design Team which will begin inspiring you come August 15th. 

 It was a difficult task to choose a team which was a perfect fit for Cardabilities Sketches. But I know this team will continue to inspire you with their creations.

We have a few returning designers as well!
 Please join me in giving them all a warm welcome and a welcome back!

Agnieszka Szyszlowskareturning
 Izabela Sikora (Visell) 
Henryka Kowacz -returning
 Megan Gourlay    

Ania Srebrnolistka Vahovitz - returning
Ilona Cervinkova 

Michelle Frisby -returning

Agnieszka Pasieczny

Ewa Mrozinskareturning

Monika Derecka

Agnieszka Czernecka

Vicki Dutcher- returning

Olga Kovalchuk -returning

Please be sure to visit their blogs and 
check out their Creativity. 
They will be back August 15th for their first reveal.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here ...

Yes I am.

Not quite sure why nothing has been appearing on my blog.

Technology gremlins perhaps.

Who knows.

But I'm here, honest I am.

Right then, let's share a little creativity.

I had  friend over last night for a few hours and we played a little.

Just before she left I grabbed a few papers, a pen, a stamp, some modelling paste and a stencil and I played.

I did say to her before she left, it won't look like this when you see it next.

and it doesn't - lol.

So have a wee looksy here ...

and here it is,in its entirety.

I really did have a play and I love the finished result.

and not only do I love the finished result, I love the Flying Unicorn kits.

13 Arts papers, Petaloo flowers - ooh la la

Add in a little bit of this and a little bit of that and voila!!!

Happy creating everyone.